Dozy Dollop Productions



dozy dollop productions offer fun and energetic workshops for all ages; from 3 to 18.

We aim to include all children and staff in the workshops , providing the staff with material to use in follow up work.

Our interactive workshops provide imaginative drama based learning for children in Foundation, KS1 and KS2. These creative days are based on the specific topics being covered by the curriculum at your school; we offer History, Geography, Science, Literacy and PSHE workshops including the following;
• Mini Beasts
• Guy Fawkes
• Space
• Ancient Greeks
• The Tudors
• Anti-bullying/Diversity

We have a full and extensive list of workshops which offer the flexibility to be adapted to specific requirements. All workshops are run by two trained and experienced professionals with up to date CRB checks.

Our workshops come in three price packages; two hours for £115, two and half hours for £135 and a full day for £245. There is a limit of 35 pupils per individual workshop, please note more than one workshop can be run without a full day booking.

We aim to compliment your classroom learning; inclusively engaging every child and their imaginations. Allowing each and every individual to discover their creative potential, build their self-confidence and develop their skills. They are also a great way to cover PPA time and training days.


25% off all workshops booked for THIS term!!

As well as topic based workshops we offer simply Drama workshops which provide a fun reward for your hardworking pupils, and perhaps a different way to conclude your year’s learning. Again, these can be tailored to your needs.


We are also offering an early bird discount of 10% on any Autumn Term workshops which are pre-booked before 31st July 2013.

For more information or to book a workshop, please contact Jo Dale or Kimbo Godsall on