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Twisted Tale

History of the play

A Twisted Tale looks into a tumultuous relationship with tragic consequences. A relationship where love and abuse go hand in hand; using well known characters this story is accessible to audiences. The play is an adaptation of Oliver Twist written from the perspective of Nancy and Bill Sikes. A hard hitting adaptation told through the eyes of Nancy and follows her plight to do right in a world of corruption. Torn between her love for Bill and her need to protect Oliver from the world in which she lives in Nancys journey is that of determination, hope and tragedy.

Kimberley Godsall’s re-working of the Dickens’ classic ran from November 21st to December 11th 2005 at Barons Court Theatre. Kimberley’s fascination with Nancy began at an early age – a long time before she realised that, although a prostitute, Nancy was indeed a role model with a sense of morality that outshone most people. She began writing her adaptation in 1999, at the age of just 16, and, in her own words, “quickly got bored with writing all the pre-London scenes and skipped straight to the Nancy and Bill sections.” She explains, “ I have always felt that these two characters have suffered a great injustice; they are never given the attention they deserve. I felt the need to tell Nancy’s story rather than Oliver’s.”

It is worth noting that before his death, Dickens gave impassioned readings of Oliver Twist and the section of the novel he always chose to share with his audience was the killing of Nancy by Bill. He died shortly after one performance of this scene.

“Although Lionel Bart may be spinning in his grave at this interpretation, I doubt that Charles Dickens will be.” Paul Furbank, author of ‘Fulfilling My Fantasies’

Cast and Crew

Nancy – Kimberley Godsall

Bill Sikes – Gary Faulkner

Fagin – Tiran Aakel

Opver Twist – Anthony Lee

Dodger – Matthew Blake

Bet/Rose – Laura Best

Toby/Monks/Mr Brownlow – Nathan Thompson

Directed by Wendy Richardson

Costumes by Ann Charters and The Oast Theatre

Photos By Epsenda Russell